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Exterior walls

Knauf KZ Knauf KZ vorspritzer
  Knauf Kalk-Grundputz Knauf KZ Knauf Vorspritzer  
Plastering with the Knauf KZ Maschinenputz dry lime cement plaster

Plastering works are carried out using the German PFT-G5 equipment. Knauf KZ Maschinenputz is ready to use dry cement plaster with water repellent additives.

Advantages and benefits:

  • Used on all suitable surfaces indoors and outdoors as well as in moderately wet rooms;
  • The plaster is produced exclusively in Knauf factories;
  • Remarkable work speed because the Knauf mixture is sprayed using the PFT-G5 plastering machine;
  • The quality of the plastered surface is very high because the entire surface is smoothed out with a trapezoid once more as it starts getting hard and rubbed over at the final stage.

  • Plastering process:


    The exterior walls are the visible part of the house which is affected by various climate conditions. Therefore, the owners are not the only ones concerned about plastering it correctly in order to avoid problems in the future. We will employ Knauf plastering technology to comment on some of the more significant moments of plastering exterior walls.

    Prior to starting plastering the exterior part of the house, the walls are sprayed with the Knauf Vorspritzer preparation plaster.

    Knauf Vorspritzer is dry mix of cement and sand prepared in the factory. It is used as a primer prior to plastering with KZ Maschinenputz plaster.

    After the primer dries, a layer of Knauf KZ- Maschinenputz of the required thickness is sprayed.

    An excellent result is achieved by smoothing the surfaces with trapezoids and rubbing them over.

          Plastering of exterior walls requires skills and is not a low-cost process. When plastering exterior walls one must remember that the physical outlook is not the only important quality. Quality and durability of plasters used for exterior walls, their resistance to heat and cold, hydrophobic properties, diffusion, etc. play a big role as well.

    Comparison of technical specifications

    MP-75 (plaster)
    MP-75L (plaster)
    MP-75 Diamant (plaster)
    KZ Maschinenputz (lime mortar)
    Common Lithuanian lime plaster mortar
    Flexural strength in tension
    Compressive strength
    Water vapor diffusion resistance factor
    Thermal conductivity capacity
    Consumption of material for 1 m2 when the thickness of the plaster layer is 1 cm
    10,5 kg
    8 kg.
    12 kg.
    15 kg.
    16 kg.





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