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Exterior walls

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Exterior walls

Knauf KZ Knauf KZ vorspritzer
  Knauf Kalk-Grundputz Knauf KZ Knauf Vorspritzer  

Plastering of Exterior Walls with Knauf Kalk-Grundputz Lime Plaster

   Knauf Kalk-Grundputz plaster is used in conditions where high-level requirements apply to the quality of residential accommodations. Plastering works are performed using PFT-G5 equipment made in Germany.








 Advantages and Application

  1. Suitable for interior and exterior works.
  2. This is a lime plaster, therefore, it has no additives.
  3. “Breathing” plaster.
  4. Elastic.
  5. Suitable for restoration of historical buildings.
  6. It is possible to create the grainy surface structure.
  7. Plastered walls do not need any additional decorative material.
  8. When a plastered wall dries, it can be painted immediately.
Used for restoration of interior accommodations and historical buildings.










Used more frequently for exterior works and in accommodations with higher humidity level.




















Technical Data

1. Corresponds to the standard EN998-1
2. Compression resistance class CSII
3. Bond strength ≥0,08Mpa
4. Grain size 0-1,2mm
5. Minimum layer thickness 8mm
6. Coefficient of thermal conductivity λ  ≥0,54W/m*K, jei P=90%
7. Water vapour conductivity (diffusion) coefficient µ µ=10
8. Water absorption class W1

Plastering of building exterior walls is not a cheap process requiring certain skills. When performing exterior plastering works, it is important to remember that not only beauty of plasters used for exterior walls is of significance but also their quality and durability, resistance to heat, cold, hydrophobicity, diffusion, etc.


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