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Multi-finish M

MP-75 MP-75L MP-75 Diamant Multi-Finish M MP-75 F

Multi-Finish M machine applied gypsum filler


To apply a thin layer on plasterboard and plaster.



  1. Can be used as thin-layer plaster and filler;
  2. Ultra elastic;
  3. Designed for machine application only, thus, little material costs.


When spraying the "Multi-Finish M" filler with the "PFT Ritmo" machine, the surfaces are fully prepared for painting. A three-person team can fill more than 100 sq. m per day.

Prior to spraying with "Multi-Finish M" filler, the surfaces are primed with "Knauf Putz-Grund". This primer is mixed with clean quartz sand and pigmented with white dispersion. "Knauf Putz-Grund" does a good job making the surface colour uniform, regulates retention and enhances adhesion.

"Multi-Finish M" is mixed and sprayed using the "PFT RITMO Powercoat" filling machine.

Various tools are used to distribute the filler on the filled surface after application.

When the "Multi-Finish M" filler becomes dry, the base is precision ground.

The result of filling the surfaces with Multi-Finish M filler is a surface perfectly ready for painting.

Technical requirements:

  1. Bulk weight: 1,000 kg/m3
  2. Brinell hardness: > 6 N/mm2
  3. Bending and stretching resistance: >1N/mm2
  4. Bulk density: 920 kg/m3.
  5. Water vapour diffusion resistance factor: 8
  6. Rating according to DIN EN 13279: C6/20/2.

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