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Floor painting

Floor painting with Knauf TS750 Colors products


Admit it - if you were offered to paint the floor instead of laying parquet, you would most probably be surprised. And what about painting instead of ceramic tiles? Also quite unusual.

In the Western Europe, painted floor covers are considered avant-garde interior. Even though this material is still viewed with caution in Lithuania, the most advanced interior publications are full of examples of using floor painting as a finishing material. If you are interested in distancing yourself from the traditional house concept and would like a corresponding exclusive, have a look at the services we offer.

Knauf TS 750  Knauf TS750 
Special two component water based epoxy paint of wide application – used both indoors and outdoors for finishing floors and walls. The paint does not contain any volatile organic compounds.


Advantages of Knauf TS750:

1. Unique composition of paint TS750 which ensures excellent adhesion to the surface;
2. Especially reliable for protection from corrosion;
3. The material is highly wear-resistant;
4. Knauf TS750 is resistant against effects of petroleum products (petrol, diesel fuel, white spirit, etc.);
5. The paint is resistant to atmospheric effects (cold, heat, rain) on mineral bases;
6. Resistant to low concentration organic and non-organic acids and alkali; 
7. Knauf TS750 paint cover is thermally resistant (resistant against slipping of car wheels);
8. Paint layer on plaster or concrete floor is covering vapour permeable.

Use of Knauf TS750 paint:

1. Floor painting in private and public buildings;
2. Parking and garage lots;
3. Walls and floors of tunnels.

Floor preparation before painting:


The most common problem related to floors in Lithuania is low quality work. When casting floor on which no other cover will be applied, an especially even surface is needed. The deviation cannot exceed 2 mm in accordance with construction regulations.

Grindų paruošimas prieš dažymą

Faulty floor installed by technicians can be levelled with special mixes offered by Knauf.

See floor levelling


After levelling the floor can be painted

grindu_dazymas grindu_dazymas

Preparation of smooth floor:

1. The floor surface must be dry;
2. Moisture content must not exceed 6 %;
3. The floor must be clean (from oil, etc.);
4. The dirt must be removed using special solvents;
5. Dust must be socked from the surface.

BYK GARDNER PRO GLOSS3 Usually colour selection is difficult; however, the colour palette for Knauf TS floors is the only one. Therefore, it will be easier for the client to choose the favourite colour.

Paint gloss up to G=60* according to gloss palette BYK GARDNER PRO GLOSS3, i.e., up to moderate gloss.




Floor painting with Knauf TS paint:

grindu_dazymas grindu_dazymas
grindu dazymas knauf

We understand that you are loyal to tradition. Do not be afraid to change the interior of your home. Take the young generation who seek new means of expression and are not afraid of high-heel sneakers, public display of thongs or sagging pants of rapping fans as an example.

Everything new is actually well forgotten old.



1.Water vapour diffusion resistance factor      sD ˂ 5 m;
2. Water penetration rate in liquid state  W ˂ 0.1 kg/m²·h;
3. Tear resistance      ≥ 0,8 N/mm²;
4. Wear resistance - no bubbles, cracks or layering appears in the pain cover after 2,000 hours of artificial abrasion.

Interesting information:

Knauf TS750 paint can be used for floors of various resistances. Quartz sand is used as an additive for thicker cover layer.

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