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Filling Knauf F-1

Filling of interior walls and ceilings with Knauf F1 filling and priming with Becker primer (automated process using German equipment).

Decorative and artistic priming of interior walls and ceilings by spraying with Knauf F1 filler (automated process using German equipment).

The priming works are carried out using the new German PFT-RITMO equipment. The team of workers consists of 2-3 highly qualified persons. One team fills approx. 200-300 square meters of surface in one business day.

Benefits and advantages: 

  • You can save some time because priming and filling is automated;
  • The walls and the ceilings are prepared for the painting process in accordance with the Knauf technology;
  • Our filling method is significantly faster and more efficient than manual labour;
  • The filled surfaces are primed with the high class Beckers primer manufactured by a Swedish company.
  • The surface prepared in accordance with our technology needs to be painted just twice, therefore saving the time and money.

Please note that we only fill and prime the surfaces plastered with our own Knauf-MP75 plaster mix.

Filling process:

When the plastered surfaces turn dry, they are primed with the STUCK-PRIEMER primer. 
The primed surfaces are filled with the Knauf F1 filler by spraying with the German PFT-RITMO equipment.

Knauf F1 is a white dispersion paste for filling with acrylic resins with marble aggregates and stabilisers.
Suitable for even and smooth surfaces. Knauf F1 is used indoors to form layers of 0 mm to 3 mm.

After the surfaces are filled and precisely ground, they are mechanically primed with high quality Swedish primer "Beckers".


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