Work in Norway

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Work in Norway

In view of the fact that we have already gained a lot of experience with Lithuanian customers, and our goal is to never stop trying to reach for new heights, as of 2013 we have decided to start using our expertise and skills on foreign markets. Our first order came from Oslo, Norway. Since our work was successful, and the customer was happy with the quality of our performance, this encouraged us to take interest in the construction business of this country even more. Currently we have already established the subsidiary of UAB Meistrelis in Norway, and the managing personnel is intensively learning the Norwegian language. We would like to emphasise that we are the high-class facade restoration, interior and exterior wall plastering, and floor-casting specialists. While working in Norway, we primarily focus on these areas and will focus on them in the future. You will find the list of works completed by our company below.


1. Plastering of exterior and interior walls of the residential building; Hemingvein 24, Oslo, Norway. More...
2. Façade reconstruction and restoration; Oscars gate 39, Oslo, Norway.  More...
3. Façade restoration; Industrigata 63A, Oslo, Norway.
4. Floor casting in the residential building; Pastor Fangens vei 43, Oslo, Norway.

1. Plastering of interior walls and floor casting in the residential building; Nadderudveien 95, Hosle (Baerum), Norway.
2. Floor casting in the residential building; Elvefaret 13, Oslo, Norway.




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