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Interior finish in the private house in Vilnius (Lithuania)

  • Interior finish.
  • Pool tile installation using adhesive.
  • Installation and painting of plasterboards.
  • Wall décor and installation and painting of ceiling plasterboards.
  • Tile installation using adhesive.
  • Installation of fire escape hatches.
  • Wall décor and installation and painting of plasterboards.  


Plastering of interior and exterior walls in Oslo (Norway)

  • Plastering of interior walls with Grundputz mix.
  • Machine plastering of exterior walls.
  • Plastering creating the structured surface.
  • Plastering of exterior walls.
  • Plastering of interior walls with gypsum plaster.


Floor casting with gypsum mix in Stockholm (Sweden) suburbs

  • Floor casting when the floor is water-heated.


Façade reconstruction in Oslo (Norway) Old Town, Oscars gate 39

  • Façade reconstruction works


Interior finish in the private house in Širvintai district (Lithuania)

  • Venetian finish.
  • Venetian finish in the lift shaft.
  • Complex plastering of platforms.
  • Marble installation using adhesive.

Interior finish in UAB Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics accommodations in Vilnius (Lithuania)

  • Interior plastering of the building.
  • Painting.


Floor casting using Silomat equipment in Kaunas (Lithuania)

  • Floor casting using Silomat pumping device.


Floor casting using gypsum mix in Svedasai district (Lithuania)

  • Floor casting using gypsum mix.


Plastering of interior ceiling and walls in Merchants Club Palace in Vilnius (Lithuania)

  • Plastering of the ceiling heated and cooled with water in capillary tubes.


Restoration of interior walls in Kaunas (Lithuania) centre, on Vilniaus str. Reproduction of authentic antique plaster

  • Plastering of interior walls.
  • Restoration preserving the authenticity of antique plastering.


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